Is your PowerPoint template not working correctly?

Do you find yourself limited by the choices it offers?

Does it lack the visual, marketing or brand idenity you wish it had?

There’s many reasons why a PowerPoint template may lack in its performance, which is why Tune Up My Template is here to help make the right adjustments needed so that your template looks and performs better and faster for you!

First, we start by inspecting your existing template, check its overall performance, and then offer solutions to add, enhance and optimize your template to the next level.

Don’t have a template? Don’t worry! We create custom, state-of-the-art templates that are made to look and function specifically for you and your business needs.

Our templates look stunning and perform above the rest.

We understand that a template not only has to function correctly, but it also needs to have the visual appeal that reflects your unique brand and message. Get started today with our custom made template solutions that will take your presentations to new heights.

Features and Samples of Our Template Solutions


We program our templates to have the right functionality features that are essential to performance and long-lasting use.


Our templates are designed to support and enhance your visual brand and message in a cohesive and consistent look and feel.


Our solutions offer the right template choices formatted to fit your needs for displaying, printing and sharing your presentation.

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